Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Failure

I didn't do it.  I failed this month.  By a whopping .75 books.  I have to read 6.75 books each month and   I was over 6.75 books in January - so I'm not actually off track, but I didn't make my goal of 6.75 for the month of February.

Maybe it was moving to a new apartment.   Maybe it was working 50 hours a week.  Maybe it was because February is two days shorter.  Maybe I watched too much Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2 and just didn't have time to read.  That's probably it.  Do you watch Teen Mom?  Totally addicting. If that was a book I would read the sh*t out of it.

Speaking of moving - I unpacked my books yesterday and my to-read pile is 53 books deep and takes up an entire bookCASE - not just one shelf!  Shocking.  I went to Borders and couldn't bring myself to buy anything because I have So. Much. To. Read. 

This is a picture of the bookcase. That second shelf is two rows deep.  The Optimash Prime is not mine.  I swear. . . .

Currently Reading:  The second book in the Diana Gabaldon series - look forward to that review in a few days!  It is spectacular so far. 


  1. don't knock the Optimash Prime. He has feelings too y'know...

  2. that's a little book case... ;-)