About the Reviews

If you haven't gathered already, ABOADC is a book review site.   It is my belief, that to make it easy the books need some sort of grading system so at a glance readers will know exactly how I feel about the book.

Here's how I grade the books:

I grade on an A-F scale.  I rarely give A's or F's, but I will grade books that high or low if the occasion calls for it.  I like the A-F grading scale because I think most people are familiar with what is average (C) work and what is excellent work (B+/A) and what is absolutely below par (D+ and under).

So, here's a break down of my extremely subjective grading:

A:  I would choose this book to take on a deserted island if I could only choose one book.
B:  Good - I recommend these books to people - usually there is something a bit off about the book, so it  isn't an A.
C:  Average
D:  Skip it.
F:  I would only use this book as kindling if I had literally nothing left.  I get rid of these books ASAP.

Here's the thing about subjectivity - it is just that - my opinion.  So, if you don't agree with a review I write - then offer to write a guest post ( I welcome them) or leave your opinions in the comments.

I review some ARCs and books that I have won in giveaways.  I am always open to reviewing new material and I really like winning things - so, if you have a book you would like me to review - then please let me know.  You can contact me at abookofadifferentcolor@gmail.com with reviews, comments, suggestions, or books to review.

I will under no circumstances give a book a better or worse review simply because I was given the book by a publisher or book agent.  These reviews and thoughts are my own opinions about the books.

Happy Reading!!