About This Blog

Welcome to A Book of a Different Color! 

 I'm Jillian and if I could get paid to read-for-fun, I would be in heaven.  Unfortunately, I'm an attorney and although I get to read a lot, many people wouldn't consider it fun.  

When I was a kid, I would frequently choose the thickest library book, just so it would take me more than a day to finish.  I can lose myself in a good book for hours, but that also means that I'm picky and somewhat harsh toward books that have wasted my precious read-for-fun time.  

In late 2010, since I was breaking world records for number of books read, one of my friends suggested I start a blog to review books and ABOADC was born.  I fiddled with the fonts, got some friends to write guest reviews to up my readership and I reviewed a  few books and eventually came up with the space that you see now at ABOADC

It is my hope that here you will find, honest, thoughtful and occasionally funny reviews of books ranging from fiction to romance.  Maybe you'll find your next favorite book! 

Happy Reading!!