Friday, March 4, 2011

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

Book:  A Reliable Wife 

Author:  Robert Goolrick 

Grade: D+ 

Recommended To:  Poisoners, Repliers to Personal Ads.

Okay, you know how Barnes and Noble or Borders ropes you in with those buy fifteen get one free deals, that aren't really a good deal because you can get it all cheaper on Amazon anyway?  I'm sorry to say, but that is what happened to me with A Reliable Wife.

The back of the book sounded so interesting, but evidently the snippet writer didn't actually read the book, or sugar coated the story into a few sentence blurb. 

The problem with this book is that it had such potential.  A man writes a personal ad for a "reliable wife," gets a picture of an ordinary woman and sends her money to come live with him in Wisconsin.  She comes, but she is a different woman than the one in the picture and had all sorts of secrets in her past including a very shady gentleman who in a spoiler twist turns out to be the son of the ad-writer.  This book sounds great right?  Wrong-o.

If this book was well written, didn't have all of the ridiculous sex scenes and dream sequences, and wasn't so damn repetitive, then it would have been a great book.  Unfortunately, this book lacked/had all of those things and the characters that could have been interesting fell totally flat. 

I don't mind sex scenes in books - but this seemed like the sex in this book was geared towards men and that is certainly not how this book was marketed.  I think any book with the word "wife" in the title is an immediate turn off for a male reader.  But, the writing in this book shouldn't appeal to anyone.  It was strange, repetitive, and warrants a D+ rating.

Happy Reading!!

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