Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Gabaldon

Book:  Lord John and the Private Matter 

Author:  Diana Gabaldon 

Grade:  C + 

Recommended To:  People who want to be disappointed in Diana. 

 I love Diana Gabaldon.  I think her Outlander series is fresh, interesting and very well written.  I do not feel the same about her Lord John spin-off series.

Do I think Lord John is interesting enough to have his own series?  Yes. Do I think that Lord John should be solving mysteries.  Absolutely not.  John is not a detective, he's a lord who is trying to find love and hope in an often cruel world.

Diana should have focused on Lord John's relationships and his work running Ardsmure prison.  Not his apparently terrible detective skills.  There was no hint of detective work in the Outlander series, so I'm not sure how Diana decided to run with that particular story line.

I'm much more interested in Lord John's love life,  his crush on Jamie, and how he gets blacklisted.  Or, just tell me about his life.  He doesn't have to have having an adventure all of the time, especially when some of these mysteries are just plain boring.

Of course this book is well written - because it is by Diana - but the plot was not interesting enough to make me want to keep reading the books in the Lord John series.  I'll probably just stick with Claire and Jamie from now on.

Happy Reading!!

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