Monday, February 21, 2011

The Sacred Cut by David Hewson

Book:  The Sacred Cut 

Author:  David Hewson 

Grade:  B- 

Recommended To:  Dan Brown Fans, Serial Fiction Fans 

I was given this book by a friend who recommended it as a thriller/mystery.  That is exactly what this book is.  Evidently David Hewson has several books that follow one character:  Nic Costa, who is a police detective in Rome.

In this book, a body is found during a crazy snow storm with an ancient symbol carved into its back.  You soon find out that this is the most recent in a string of similar murders and it is up to Costa, his partner Peroni, and a female FBI agent to figure out "who dun it."

This book started off pretty slowly, but it had some good action that kept the reader guessing.  I like that the Costa and Peroni characters are serial.   I love reading books where the characters repeat themselves - see Daniel Silva's Gabrial Allon series - because then I don't have to get to know the characters again and again every time I pick up a book by that author.  I'm looking forward to reading more of David Hewson.

I gave this book a B- because although some of the plot was different, the book was really predictable.  I found myself guessing, correctly, what was going to happen before it did.  I also thought that Hewson's writing style was a little hard to get used to.  Maybe this guy had a word limit in a past life  because some of his sentences were so choppy that it was hard to pay attention to what was going on in the story. 

I think this book is a good read for someone interested in a quick thriller/murder mystery.

Happy Reading!!

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