Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving + Books = Hiring Professionals

I've spent my day packing my book collection and it has been intense.  These 5 boxes are packed full of books (I know they are just small boxes, but the movers bitch if you use the medium sized ones).   I think we'll have another two boxes when everything is packed- if I can't convince Jon to part with his law book collection.  Someone please tell him that we can just wikipedia everything we need to know about the law!

Borders filed for bankruptcy and as a part of the restructuring plan, is selling off all of its merchandise.  The sale starts today and everything is 20-40% off.   Fortunately for us, there is a Borders within walking distance of our apartment - and we are going this afternoon.  Unfortunately for the movers, this might mean a whole other box of books.  I just can't resist a good book sale - even when I know I own too many and I know that I have a stack to the ceiling of books that are on my "To-Read" list.

As far as I'm concerned I only live once, and I could have far unhealthier obsessions than owning a few too many books.

Happy Reading!!