Friday, February 25, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Book:  The Lincoln Lawyer

Author:  Michael Connelly

Grade:  B

Recommended To:  Grisham Fans, Car Enthusiasts, Nebraska Residents.

This was the first Michael Connelly book that I was given by a friend and after reading it I was hooked on his characters and his story lines. (You can check out said friend's bread blog here).

Connelly writes about Mickey Haller, an attorney, who conducts most of his criminal defense legal practice from the back of a Lincoln Towncar equipped with a computer, fax, and phone line.  In the first few chapters, Haller lands a huge case defending a rich guy who is accused of murder. 

The drama unfolds quickly and culminates in a shocking and exciting finale that would never actually happen in real life.  I like this book and the way that Connelly writes because there are some excellent courtroom scenes that are fairly accurate.  Of course the scenes are trumped up a bit for the sake of the novel, but compared to my courtroom experience they were accurate enough.

I mostly wanted to write this post because of the new movie coming out starring Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Philippe (Hello, Cruel Intentions!).   The movie comes out next month - March 18th - and unfortunately it might be terrible.  I'm certainly going to go see it in theaters - but who casted McConaughey, most famously know for surfing - as an Attorney? 

For Connelly's sake, I hope the movie is great and that he got paid big money for the movie rights.  Who knows, I might even include a review of the movie on this blog!

Happy Reading!!


  1. He was an attorney in a Grisham movie too!

  2. I saw that when I IMDBed it - but come on - that man is not known for his oscar worthy roles..