Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Book: Holidays on Ice

Author: David Sedaris

Grade: B+

Recommended To: Anyone - it is a great time.

Holidays on Ice was my book club's pick for December. Let's be serious about what happens at book club - most of us read the book, we all get together for wine and food, and we gossip. Very little "discussion" actually happens about the book - but this is the perfect book for that situation. David Sedaris's book is a series of short stories about the holidays and he has included a few new stories from his other books in this new edition of Holidays on Ice.

Here's what I absolutely love about David Sedaris:

He has the ability to write about the most mundane and ordinary family events and make them sound exciting and extraordinary. For example, in one of my favorite stories he tells of how his neighbors arrive in costumes begging for candy on the wrong day. His mother answered the door and told her children to go get some of their own candy to give to the kids. Sedaris panics and immediately begins separating his candy into piles of "worth." The story ends with him cramming chocolate bars into his mouth to save them from the clutches of the neighbor kids - and I literally cannot do this story justice by retelling it. You MUST read it first hand for yourself and be prepared to wet your pants - just a little.

Some of the stories are repeats from his earlier books including the Halloween story above, but nonetheless, they are a rich collection of hilarious and poignant tales that could describe any family around the holidays.

I gave this book a B+, again because I reserve my A's for the best of the best, but I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of holiday cheer with a glass of wine and a great book.

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