Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Curiosity by Stephen Kiernan

Book:  The Curiosity 

Author:  Stephen P. Kiernan

Grade:  C

Recommended To:  Not sure, this book too me a very  long time to get into and the ended was dissatisfying. 

This book was okay, not good, not great, just okay.  It took an incredibly long time to get started and although the science portions were interesting, those were limited by the eventual and very strange love story that occurred between two of the main characters.

The premise of the story is decent.  Jeremiah Rice is found cryogenically frozen in an iceburg in the arctic circle.  A scientist, speaking only in second person (Why? Why!), brings the man back to life and then basically has no idea what to do with this person.  There is a lot of moral ambiguity that was interesting, but could have been better written.  There are protesters, of course, that are only portrayed as right wing crazies, which seems disingenuous because probably a lot of people would have moral concerns about reviving a man from the 1800s.

Some of the characters are overwhelmingly flat.  One of the characters, the news reporter that has the exclusive on the reanimation is exceedingly terrible.  So much so that I found myself skipping large chunks of his narrative because hey, its not like he was going to change in the next 20 swipes.

The love story is also ridiculous.  The one female scientist who has apparently worked her entire life to obtain this very lucrative position falls in love with the reanimated man, Jeremiah.  So, she takes him around to grocery stores, suit shops, and various places in Boston to acquaint him with life in the 21st Century.  Over and over he's amazed that you can buy oranges in stores.  Nobody cares, dude.  Also, they have the most awkward non-conversations about sex ever.  It is like watching this scene from 90 Day Fiance when Mike thinks that any girl other than this mail order bride from Russia wants to get with him.  Awkward!

So, I give this book a C for a decent plot line, generally and terrible execution.  You should save yourself the 10 days that it will take you to finish this book.  It ain't worth it.

Happy Reading.

Also, I note that this is my first review since New Year's Day.  Lawrd.  I need to pick up the reading pace in 2014!

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