Friday, August 23, 2013

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Book:  Sharp Objects 

Author:  Gillian Flynn

Grade:  B

Recommended To: Gillian Flynn Lovers. 

Nearly everyone has read Gone Girl, but Gillian Flynn wrote two books, Sharp Objects and Dark Places before she became famous for Gone Girl and in my opinion both are slightly better that Gone Girl.

In Sharp Objects, Camille is a news reporter and is instructed by her editor to go back to her home town to investigate and break the story on two child murders that are suspiciously similar.  She does so, only to confront her frightening mother, half sister and complacent step father.  Much of the book is about Camille confronting her past and childhood experiences in a place that she hasn't returned to since leaving for the big city (Chicago).

I know that everyone thinks that Gone Girl was excellent and it was.  But I am of the opinion that Dark Places and Sharp Objects were better than Gone Girl.  Here's why:

Camille is a likable character.  She's seriously flawed and has a strange cutting habit, but deep down, she's a good person.  You root for Camille.  That was not the case in Gone Girl; once that book was done twisting and turning you hate everyone and if you don't then maybe you were reading a different book.  I have trouble reading books where all of the characters don't have a single good characteristic.  See Jonathan Franzen.

This book has its own unique share of twists and turns which kept the story moving.  I finished this book in one day on the plane ride home from Colorado and it was well worth the time spent.  I recommend this book to anyone looking for a dark, twisted read that Gillian Flynn has become known for.

Happy Reading!

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