Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wired by Douglas E. Richards

Book:  Wired 

Author:  Douglas E. Richards

Grade:  C 

Recommended To:  People who will not be minding passive voice. 

Let me just say this, I'm glad I got Wired for free.  I just signed up for a super cool Amazon Prime membership and for 80 bucks a year, I get a free Kindle book per month, a TON of streaming movies and shows (like Varsity Blues, remember that movie?!), and free two day shipping.  With Christmas coming up, I've probably gotten my money's worth on the shipping alone.

Wired has potential.  The story is interesting, the action is quick without lapse and the characters, although basic and flat have interesting back stories.  But, Wired has a very serious problem:  the writing.  The writing is often basic, stream of conscious type writing.  And the author uses visual cues like exclamation points and italics to emphasize his point.  It is distracting!   This book makes me sad, because with the benefit of a good editor, some honest friends, and maybe a writing class or two, Wired could have been excellent.

This book is about a woman who has created some pills that enhance intelligence when she, or anyone else takes them, can solve pretty much any problem in the world.  She has used her enhanced intelligence to solve the problem of aging and of course the evil character has stolen her secrets and some of the pills in order to become powerful.   Of course she finds this hot ex-Delta Force man to come to her rescue and there are ridiculous twists and turns that kept me guessing, but also made me laugh out loud on occasion.  I don't believe the book was intended to be funny...

Either way, this book is a solid C, it gets some serious knocks for the crap writing style, but bonus points for the somewhat original plot.

Richards has another book called Amped that purports to be a sequel to Wired.  I will not be paying for that book, so unless Amazon gives it to me for free, or I find a copy on the ground, I will not be reading it.

Happy Reading!!

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