Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A is for Alibi

Book:  A is for Alibi

Author:  Sue Grafton 

Grade:  C 

Recommended To:  People who aren't as late to this series as I am. 

I'm late to this series.   So late in fact, that the series is completely outdated.  Particularly the first novel, A is for Alibi.  I'm not sure when Sue wrote this book, but Kinsey has such a tough time solving these mysteries because she doesn't have basic necessities like google, or a cell phone.

This book was okay.  Not great, just grade C okay.  Kinsey runs around trying to solve a case for a client and at the end ends up shooting some guy, in only three pages or so.  It turns out that in B for Burgular, which I am currently reading, that the shooting happened only two weeks prior in "A".  Shocking!

I'm not sure how the end came so fast.  That seems like a consistent criticism of this book (on Goodreads).  The ending was just too quick for all of the build up that Sue created during the other 300 pages of the novel.  She's running on a beach for about three pages, hides a a garbage can of all places, and then shoots some dude that she slept with in the book.  Strange.

I do like the character of Kinsey.  She's tough and she doesn't have many layers yet, but I expect here character to develop more fully, probably around book "E." 

I'm counting on this alphabet series to get better.  This book was an acceptable quick and dirty read that took me about 2 work days, but I hope that the books improve somewhat.

Happy Reading!!

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