Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crash Into Me by Liz Seccuro

Book:  Crash Into Me 

Author:  Liz Seccuro 

Grade:  B 

Recommended To: Sexual Assault Survivors, Women. 

This book is the true story of Liz Seccuro who survived a very violent sexual assault in college and who, 22 years later brought charges against the man that raped her.

This book was really good, but it was very sad and described a very violent sexual assault scene and the ramifications of that event in Seccuro's life.  

This book was educational in a number of ways.  First, I learned that the Commonwealth of Virginia  does not have a statute of limitations for rape.  This was fairly shocking because it wasn't at all what I expected from any state, let alone Virginia.  This was why Seccuro was allowed to press criminal charges against her assailant over twenty years after the assault took place. 

Second, I learned quite a bit about the 12 steps of recover in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Seccuro had, for the most part, put the assault behind her; she was married with a brand new daughter, and suddenly she received a letter from her assailant that was very unapologetic, but "attempted to make amends" for the assault.  This brought the horror roaring back and resulted in the criminal charges. 

This book was powerful, and it wasn't just because of the horrifying rape scene.  It was powerful because of Seccuro's incredible strength to relive the experience and testify against her assailant.  It was also incredibly powerful of her to write this book and give other survivors some hope that they can move past an assault. 

I recommend this book to everyone.  I said before that it was recommended to women, but I don't at all believe that sexual assault is only a female problem.  Everyone should be educated about the ramifications of sexual assault and this book is a riveting first person account of those consequences. 

Happy Reading!!

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