Sunday, March 20, 2011

Less Reading - More Basketball

It is March Madness time!  I am not a big sports fan, and usually when Jon is obsessed with a game (the Bears, I'm not even allowed to speak) I use that time to read-for-fun.   It is a great arrangement, until of course March Madness comes around.  I have been glued to my television for the last three straight days, and it is starting to interfere with my blogging and reading-for-fun schedule.

My team of choice is the Butler Bulldogs - I went to Butler and when Butler was in the final against Duke last year, Jon and I were at the game.  This isn't to say that I actually follow Butler Basketball at any time except for the NCAA tournament, because I most certainly do not.  I am a very fair-weather fan and I'm not afraid to admit that.  March Madness is just so addicting and it is most definitely because of the brackets and the betting.

My friends and I fill out brackets on Yahoo! Sports and it is so much fun to track my wins and losses.  Jon and I usually have a side bet each year on whose bracket is best - but, I think he was so afraid of my psychic-picking prowess that this year we conveniently didn't think of a good enough bet in time.  If I'm honest, I had Pitt winning last night against Butler - and my punishment for choosing against my team? A busted bracket.

So, did you watch the Butler/ Pitt game last night?  I don't have any fingernails left after that game and consequently this is what I've been reading this morning:

Pitt/Butler Refs

This guy, who thinks losing is "cruel," No, the Nazi's were cruel - the NCAA tournament isn't cruel. Idiot.

This Kind Soul thinks refs should call every foul. Duh.

This becomes even more ridiculous when you find out that I actually commented on a sports article and made legitimate points.  What is happening?  March is truly a time for Madness and I just can't get enough basketball.  In short, that is the reason why I'm only 1/2 way through Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall - but hopefully that post will be coming soon.

Happy March Madness!  And, Go Butler!!

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